What are the strengths of a bespoke kitchen?

The first point in favor of custom-made or so-called “artisanal” kitchens is obvious: the ability to customize the kitchen according to tastes and needs . Furthermore, a much higher degree of space optimization is obtained than in an industrial kitchen, because a craftsman is able to produce elements that are perfectly adaptable to the size of the available space industrial kitchen ideas.

The design here assumes a fundamental importance: customization is carefully studied and implemented, with the possibility of creating classic or modern, innovative or “old-style” environments, integrating technological elements that would hardly be offered in a modular kitchen produced on a large scale. Some examples of this approach are the integration with other custom-made modules, such as retractable walls, fireplaces, partitions, multipurpose pass-through shelves… The additional cost of the design phase is offset by the quality and originality of the final result cloud kitchen.

Another advantage of artisanal kitchens is uniqueness : thanks to the wide range of materials usually used to make a kitchen (solid surfaces, resins, laminates…) it is possible to obtain an absolutely unique finished product. The originality of the model is therefore privileged, and consequently the design. The almost total choice of material also takes the form of the possibility of adopting different solutions also from the point of view of the quality of the material itself: it is therefore possible to choose qualitatively more or less valuable materials, more or less expensive, within the range of choices that the manufacturing company offers to its customer.


What are the weaknesses of an artisan kitchen?

It often happens that an artisanal kitchen has a higher cost than a modular kitchen . This is due to the fact that the overall cost is influenced by several factors (such as the impact of the design phase, or the quality of the materials chosen).

By increasing the degree of customization, delivery times often and willingly expand : the procurement of materials, the creation of customized modules and the use of professionals and artisans in the sector, sometimes involves very long times. The delivery of the kitchen also depends a lot on the complexity of the customization itself: the design phase may require even major revisions, tests may be necessary that are not always successful at the first attempt, and the chosen material may not be available immediately. The relationship of trust that is established between the customer and the company also becomes very important.

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