Things that you can consider when you buy basketball shoes

Things that you can consider when you buy basketball shoes

The basketball shoes are perfect for comfort, performance, and fashion. It has features that help you to play the game in no time. Before you can think about which shoe you need to use. Check your playing style and performance. After you have decided on your performance you can easily look for your features.

A basketball shoe is being separated into three main components. The upper, midsole, and outsole. Every section of the shoe has its own qualities. It will have a great effect on performance and endurance. It is a great help when you already know your needs and style while you play the game.

The upper

When you talk about the upper part of the basketball shoes. The first thing you need to do is to check what height you want. It is available in low, mid, or high heights. These will depend on the style of every player.


It is made for speed and flexibility. Using low basketball shoes will have a little support on your ankle.


It gives a little satisfaction for players. It also supports your ankle while you are on the play.


It will give you a wrap around your ankle that gives you a little extra support and flexibility. With the said extra coverage means extra weight.

The midsole

It is the midsole where you can find the cushioning of the shoe. These are made of different kinds of foams, compressed EVA foam, and EVA. It is lightweight rather than polyurethane midsoles. It is quite thick and strong.

You can see a certain cushioning technology in the midsole. You can see it at the heel and forefoot. Using this kind of technology will give a little cushioning in the pressure area. It is mostly suffering because of stress in the game.

The outside

The outside part of a shoe is made out of either rubber or synthetic material. When you are planning to buy a basketball shoe. Check whether it has a wide and flat outside design to give you a little balance. When you want to have a shoe that stops you from any sliding look for a hexagonal pattern or herringbone. It is made to do it. These shoes are perfect for indoor games. The outdoor games are quite challenging. And when you play outside buy a shoe that has a thick and strong outsole. The asphalt can eat up your shoe’s tread.