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Sharon DeFlorio: How Can You Balance Work and Home for a Happy Life?

Money should never be the sole motivator of happiness and peace in your life. Wealth can never buy you happiness; you can get things for cash, but after acquiring that thing, a new want arises, so the pursuit for happiness continues. If you look around today, you will find some of the happiest people have discovered a healthy balance between work and home. These people not only enjoy lesser stress, but they welcome more peace and happiness in life too.

Sharon DeFloriothe path to happiness is not a difficult one

Sharon DeFlorio is a leading example of a successful professional who leads a happy life. She hails from Norwalk, CT, and has established integrity as a business development specialist. She is known for her successful track record in boosting lead conversions and generating higher revenue for the companies she has been associated with, like Xerox, Terex Corporation, Sonnenschein Nath, and Rosenthal, with whom she served as a corporate paralegal in New York City.

She has always catered to C-suite individuals and executives because of her effective team management and leadership skills. She is agile, has built valuable relationships with her client, and believes in being adaptable to suit the demands of the changing market.

Professional development

Being happy is the key to success 

According to her, no matter how much money you make, the key to success is your happiness. You should do the things you love, and even if you are busy with professional commitments, take time to pursue them. For instance, she is fond of sports and is a multi-sport athlete with a passion for swimming, cycling, tennis, and half- marathons. She is associated with several charitable causes like those that make people aware and put an end to the evils of child abuse, cancer research, and multiple sclerosis.

Career advancements and progress 

Professional development should be a goal in your life; if you want to see progress and advancements in your career, industry certifications go the extra mile in accelerating career growth. In her own life, she received her Paralegal Certification from Adelphi University and the Mastering Sales Course from the Northwestern |Kellogg in the USA.

You should observe the latest developments in your industry and check out the most demanding skills at that time. Acquire those skills and seek opportunities for career advancements in the sector you are associated with. At the same time, focus on your mental and physical well-being to keep stress and pressure at bay.

According to Sharon DeFloriobeing happy and healthy are the biggest self-investments you can make for life. You can choose anything you like doing, for instance, gardening, singing, exercising, or even indulge in playing a favourite game or a sport that keeps you active and happy. Life should be authentic and meaningful for everyone, and just investing an hour or so in what you love doing can boost your well-being and emotional health!

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