What is led signage and how can you get led signage in singapore?

led signage

Digital signage is a form of installation that is used to display the video and other visual content on screen for enlightening and advertising objectives. This often includes the displays available at public places such as bus stations, subway stations, movie theatres, etc., led signage singapore increases and supports advertisement diversity greatly. It is due to this signage that many products and services receive a considerable amount of audiences regardless of the nature of the products. With the advancements in technology and the increase in the influence electronic devices have on our lives, the signage market is supposed to grow even further soon. Its capabilities and the ability to impact our lives have increased. One can now even interact with the evolving signage boards and interact actively rather than just passively observing them. Digital signage is often termed as a sub-category for electronic signages that includes LEDs, LCDs, etc. It basically refers to the hardware used for displaying the advertisements and other informative content about the products and services being distributed. Although it serves various technical purposes and acts as an interactive advertisement tool to attract a variety of audiences, it is often known as the hardware used to display content.

led signage singapore

Components of the digital signage

There are several components of digital or electronic signages since they are electronic tools in themselves. The main parts of any signage can be defined as content, hardware, and software used in the implementation of the content and hardware. The content usually comprises the audio, videos, or graphics along with the text displayed on the signages. It is specially assembled to ensure the signage stands out and attracts the attention of people at all times. The hardware is simply the physical device which includes the cameras, screens, or printers. Lastly, the software refers to the digital infrastructure that helps uphold the creation and provides it with the final finishing touches for smooth working.


Digital signages are an essential part of our lives as they provide the essential means for advertising many services and products. It helps in grasping the attention of a large audience simultaneously. Since it is led signage Singapore, one can easily invest in such features. It is not difficult to find such components readily available on websites and online shops. They help significantly in terms of tourism, travel,corporate and other types of advertisements.