What to Expect in a Showers Of love?

What to Expect in a Showers Of love?

We all know in hindsight that death is inevitable and is the most certain thing in life, but accepting it can be challenging if it occurs to someone very close to us. Coping with the death of a loved one is not easy for everyone. Organizing a funeral for them and giving a farewell to the soul and body can be difficult, but we want to do it the best way possible. Somehow, we believe that organizing a peaceful funeral is the most we can do for them, but before that, we need to cope and accept their death. Before beginning the funeral, opt for a showers of love, where the deceased body is cleansed and groomed for the funeral.

What are the funeral services offered?

Organizing a funeral is very difficult, given that you are grief-stricken. How will we be able to welcome people? Showers of love are here for you with an altogether different approach toward death and funeral. It helps you spend time with the deceased and prepare to let go.

First, it helps the families cope with death by supporting them with reassurance and warmth. The atmosphere is not melancholic; it is more spa-like to relieve stress. It is a time to reduce grief and let it all go. They follow several methods to do it, and it is therapeutic.

showers of love


The methods they follow are

  • Writing letters, pouring our hearts out for our loved ones, and folding them into origami cranes or flowers helps to lift the weight off your shoulders.
  • They connect with the deceased while watching their body being cleansed, cleaned, and embalmed for public service. You know your loved ones would want to look their best even at their funeral. Therefore, burying them with dignity and honor. The utmost care and pampering are done for your loved one.
  • They are then dressed in their best and groomed with subtle makeup, nicely combed hair, and neatly manicured nails and toes. Watching them getting pampered is often very soothing for the loved ones.
  • It is a time to contemplate their life, the principles they stood for, and how their memories guide you forward.


Looking at them lying there peacefully in their best is like they are just sleeping, long peaceful sleep, and at the end of the day, you will feel happy for their peace. You will be able to accept the fact that they are just going to be missing physically and are not going to leave your hearts.

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