What You Should Know Before Purchasing Home Window Tinting

If you live in an area where the air conditioner is running almost constantly, energy-saving home window tinting can help you save money. Tinted glass windows were once reserved for the finest churches, mosques, and palaces of Mesopotamia and Europe. High-tech window coatings were only available to scientists at space organisations like NASA fifty years ago.  San Antonio tx window tint, especially during the summer months when temperatures reach triple digits for weeks at a time.

However, window tints and films are now a viable choice for average people looking for an easy and economical upgrade for energy efficiency and privacy. What You Should Know Before Purchasing Home Window Tinting

What Exactly Is Home Window Tinting?

Window tinting is a thin coating that is put to existing windows to reduce the cost of installing energy-efficient windows. It can also provide seclusion and atmosphere. But wait, are you seeing a peeling, bubbling disaster on your vehicle window? Don’t be concerned. The house tint on today’s cars isn’t the same as what came on that gorgeous early ’80s sedan.

“In a nutshell, gazing through a window with high-quality film is like wearing an extremely expensive pair of sunglasses.”

What to Consider When Choosing a Car Window Tinting Company

Home Window Styles Tinting

Tint is created from a variety of materials based on its intended use. Some of the most advanced ones may block up to 70% or 80% of the sun heat in the summer. Thus, tinting may significantly reduce cooling expenditures while also blocking most UV rays and some infrared rays.

There are around 300 home films available, ranging in colour (or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) from somewhat dark to clear. Some are just for decoration and to improve curb appeal. Some are reflective for privacy, others minimise glare for laptops and home entertainment systems, while still others aid with home security. They are often put on the inside of the glass.

Why Should You Tint Your Windows?

Some of the advantages of residential window tinting are as follows:

  • Energy efficiency and cost savings in both hot and cold conditions.
  • Comfort comes from maintaining consistent temperatures near windows.
  • Sun protection to prevent fading of furniture and carpets.
  • Skin protection against UVA and UVB blocking, equal to SPF 1,000 sunscreen.
  • Tinting and one-way mirroring provide daytime privacy.
  • Computer and television glare mitigation.
  • When glass is broken, the film can retain the pieces together, preventing break-ins.
  • Noise suppression from the outside.
  • Darkening rooms that are frequently excessively bright.
  • The curb appeals.

Mistakes in Home Window Tinting

Don’t pretend we didn’t warn you!

  • Not thoroughly washing windows before tinting and/or cleaning with rubbing alcohol.
  • Choosing a shady installation firm or one that does not specialise in home window tinting.
  • Using the incorrect film, which can cause certain double-pane windows to fracture.
  • Purchasing tinting that has not been approved by the National Fenestration Rating Council

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