Musang King or Mao Shan Wang: The King of Durian

Musang King

Fruits, as we all have heard several times in our childhood, are the most nutritious and sweet food source one can eat to make their diet healthy and their body healthier. With the variety of fruits being as high as it is, one may never get bored of eating them – especially considering how there are so many types of food that many aren’t even available on the market while some are so uncommon that many haven’t even heard about them. Musang King or the ‘king of durian’ is one such fruit.

Durian is a fruit originating from Malaysia and its neighbouring region – it is known for its sweet and savoury flavour with a creamy texture that makes it unique in comparison to other fruits. Due to this very reason, it has a high market value price; however, Musang King is not the same as a regular durian and is comparatively even rarer, making it almost equivalent the gold on the market.

What is Musang King?

In a nutshell, Musang King is a variety of durian that is thicker and creamier with a slight hint of bitterness in all that sweet flavour its tart has. This variety of durian is also known as ‘Mao Shan Wang’ in China due to its popularity for its rich, savoury taste; thus, why also nicknamed the king of durian. In fact, this very taste is proclaimed by many to be the best flavour to ever exist amongst all the other varieties of durian.

king of durian

The said fruit has a thicker outer shell as compared to a common durian; whose colour is more on the side of greenish-yellow than actual green. This typical colour almost looks turmeric to many, making its flesh just as special. In the fruit durians, most of the colour variations represent a variety of durian rather than their ripeness.

Differences between Musang King and other durians

As mentioned earlier, Musang King has a more greenish-yellow colour of the outer shell than a green one, making it look pretty distinct from the other durians. Other than that, the spikes on its shell are much smaller and set farther apart in comparison to the other varieties of durians.

Furthermore, the seams of Musang King are quite visible around its stem, making it easy to crack open in comparison to other durians, which do not have seams that visible to the eye. In fact, the said fruit also has a ‘crown’ of spikes near its visible seams, making it easier to differentiate from the other durians.

In the end, while fruits are healthy, they are also a delicacy many crave – especially the ones as uncommon and savoury as the Musang King. However, since there are many copycats in the market, one should be aware and be able to differentiate them from regular durians too.