How is Pilates so good for injury rehabilitation?

How is Pilates so good for injury rehabilitation?

Pilates is a type of exercise that takes into account how the body operates as a whole. Pilates for injury rehabilitation is an effective method. It implies that when addressing an injury, a rehab-qualified teacher will look at the full body rather than just the problem location. The results? Any asymmetries in the body that are causing compensatory tendencies will be discovered and corrected. This should not only fix the current problem but also avoid it from recurring.

Another advantage of Medical Pilates is it’s more adaptable than traditional types of rehabilitation. Unlike other treatments, Pilates movements may be readily changed to make them more accessible while still being beneficial for persons with injuries. And the Pilates apparatus – on which Medical Pilates is generally performed – makes it much easier to tailor workouts. Changing the parameters on the Chair, Reformer, and Trapeze Table renders workouts more supportive and helpful.

Practising with a Medical Pilates teacher (and the equipment) will also keep your injury from worsening. You may focus on strength, mobility, and correcting improper movement patterns with their help without aggravating the affected area.

pilates for injury rehabilitation

So, what type of Pilates do I do?

When you’re in good health, there’s an advantage to be learned from practising the many varieties of Pilates available. But when you’re harmed, it’s a different scenario. If you’re practising Pilates to recuperate from an injury (after consulting with a medical expert), you should take sessions from a qualified Clinical Pilates teacher. These Pilates teachers (like the group at Comprehensive Pilates) have received extensive training and are specialists in the area of injury rehabilitation.

This type of Pilates is frequently performed using studio equipment. And this is fantastic for those who have been injured because Pilates equipment is the perfect spot to begin the rehabilitation process. Those who require pilates for injury rehabilitation should begin with one–on–one sessions rather than group programmes. A teacher will be likely to spot any muscle imbalances or improper movement patterns throughout these sessions. They will then design a programme specifically for you as well as your ailment, as well as monitor how well you execute these exercises.

Unlike with a group class, you may eliminate any exercises that may aggravate your symptoms in this environment. Best of all, you’ll just do workouts that are intended to treat your ailment. This should hasten your recuperation.