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Mental wellness is the key to a successful life; find your key with us

Mental wellbeing is the essential requirement forhealthy living that is generally ignored. When we fall physically sick, we run to the doctor and in no time take the prescribed medications, but when it comes to mental illness, we consider ignoring it to the edge. Meeting a counselor is considered equivalent to being mentally disturbed, and it is a taboo in our society that needs serious attention to be dealt with. Your mind is the root of every problem; what we think is how we think brings severe changes in our lives, and therefore, thinking healthy is very important.

You have us whenever in need

Counseling sessions are considered overindulging and quite stressful, but it is the opposite for us. Forget about the onscreen way of counseling shown on tv screens. The counseling counselling services singapore provides a modern and fun way of counseling; we learn about you by not investigating you over a table and chair but through many interactive activities to help you understand better.

counselling services singapore

We are a team of dedicated beings

Our counselors are well-qualified professionals and have multitudes of experience dealing with clients. We ensure end-to-end encrypted calls and complete secrecy of your data. Our counselors are more facilitators than counselors whofocus on strengthening resilience with our clients. We understand that everyone is different and that mental support is not something extraordinary but an essential requirement. When you have no one, you have us.

Our services

Our counseling session can be availed In both online and offline mode. Our sessions are structured and well-curated. We deal in:

  • Youth and adolescent issues.
  • Corporate-related issues.
  • Relationship counseling/couple counseling.
  • Anxiety and depression related problems
  • Career counseling and workplace problems.
  • Family-related issues.
  • Personality disorders

Get started with us

To avail of our services, begin by registering online on our website or downloading our app for a better experience. Once you register, click on ‘mental health’ and select the type of counseling you need. Please select the preferred time and date for fixing an appointment with our online experts and get the best advice for your mental well-being. Each session is a maximum of 60 minutes and has no medication cost involved. Visit our online store and get your hands at handpicked collections of books and novels related to mental well-being. Please register with us online and avail of great offers on your registrations; also, get a chance to meet our premium counselors for an interactive session.

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