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Panoramic windows: when design meets safety

Panoramic windows

We talked about how much the panoramic windows are advantageous for their versatility : it is in fact no more than a simple frame but a design product , which in 90% of cases has as its first goal to furnish, in a strongly minimalist perspective. more and more in vogue in recent years picture windows installation San Antonio.

The windows structured in this way in fact give us a strong feeling of continuity with the external environments , as if the house did not end with the window but continued, in the formation of a very suggestive whole.Without any kind of interference, we can therefore enjoy the outside panorama without limits, and also in total safety.

In fact, without protruding guides, the panoramic window is perfectly aligned with the floor, eliminating the possibility of tripping and falling; in addition, having only the unbreakable glass in view , it also represents a winning anti- burglary and anti -burglary system.

Panoramic windows are those that occupy a large area and, as a rule, occupy the entire space from floor to ceiling in height. This type of glazing requires careful calculations and a well thought out design solution. Large windows are a large window flight, which means that a powerful beam is needed, which will serve as a support for the roof and walls of the second or third floor.

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Standard solutions in the design of houses with large windows are practically inapplicable, since each case is unique and requires its own solution. Each house with panoramic windows is an individual project and costs a lot of money.

If you can’t order a single project, you may be able to find a ready-made one that basically suits you. It is best to use it entirely, without major changes. You can only make adjustments that do not affect the support structure. Only the location of non-load-bearing partitions can be changed. The location of doors and windows in the supporting structures without recalculation is also undesirable to touch – side effects can be unpredictable.

The house with panoramic windows looks unusual and elegant. And this is exactly what attracts in such buildings. So a memorable look is the first of the advantages.

In private houses, panoramic bay windows are made in the living rooms, less often in bedrooms. Sometimes, in this way, an open veranda is transformed into a blanket, sometimes a winter garden is made out of a room. Another possible application is to make one of the pool glass walls. In general, there are a lot of applications and they are not standard and interesting.