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Silver Rings for Women: Everything you need to Know

Engagement and bridal jewellery are a very important and commercially successful part of the fine jewellery industry.  Traditionally, this is the field of more conservative designs for brands, where new trends are occasionally and gradually combined into more anticipated styles that potentially make different taste preferences.  Whether classical or more innovative, the latest romantic creations for brides would normally come from luxury high jewellery brands. Wedding jewellery now, are more open to various high and low-end materials, best suited according to the likes and preferences of the brides-to-be. One such metal or material used in the making of jewellery, be it for any occasion is Silver. Knowing the benefits and lore of silver bands for women makes it easier for you to buy them.  Despite being a soft and pliable metal, this metal creates a beautiful wedding ring according to your design choice.  The best wedding or engagement rings are made of sterling silver under a process called flashing.

  This process forms a plating on a thin coat of fine silver, which helps to convert the metal into a fine band ring or with an extra lustre and shine at the end of the process. Rhodium plates are layered to give incredible durability and lustre.  However, it is essential to have this layer in the ring.

What Must be kept in mind Before Buying Silver Rings?

Silver is a wonderful conductor of electricity and heat, so exposure to sunlight can heat up quickly which can easily burn the skin. The inner and outer lustre, glow and sparkle in the metal that is incomparable makes it a unique metal for making a ring. The best part regarding this metal is that it is extremely cost-effective.

The best recommended styles of silver band rings:

Handmade rings are usually customized and several rings can be designed. Here are to name a few:

  1. Gemstone ring:  These kinds of silver band rings for couples are enhanced when you add elegant gemstones to them such as aquamarine, blue topaz, green amethyst, red garnet and many more.  The silver background further enhances the gemstone.
  2. Claddagh rings:  These rings are designed to hold hearts with both hands which symbolize the nature of lifelong loyalty, love and friendship.  These rings were famous in the 1700s and continued to be the optimal choice among couples.
  3. Silver Diamond Ring:  This kind of silver diamond band ring enhances metallic white tones.  It is best suited for couples looking for affordable wedding rings with tight budget but with real diamonds.
  4. Celtic Wedding Ring:  These styles are among the most popular engagements ring types.  These types of designs resemble a knot.  The intricate design dictates the beginning of a new relationship which makes it more appealing to couples.

 Some may prefer delicate and intricate styles at Engagement rings direct while others offer bold designs for everyday use and wear. But both men and women want a ring metal to be durable and reliable.  So, couples can look for cobalt, solitaire engagement ring  titanium, tungsten or stainless steel mixed in silver.  These rings are supposed to be affordable as well as durable.  You can also opt for Platinum ingrained Silver Ring or Palladium and 18K Gold rings.

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