The worth of Magnetic whiteboard Singapore

The worth of Magnetic whiteboard Singapore

Whiteboards with a magnetic surface can be used for demonstrations in classrooms, conference rooms, and other places. Magnetic whiteboards are famous, particularly in schools, although in some cases, a non-magnetic pen board may suffice — and will be a less expensive alternative to a magnetic whiteboard.

Whiteboard with magnets

The dry erase layer of whiteboards can be made of several materials. The results are material, porcelain, glass, or even a proprietary surface like the EVERWhite surface. Not everyone can be magnetic.

Only non-magnetic boards with melamine or painted surfaces are available.

Surfaces made of porcelain that have been baked onto such a steel base are magnetic.

To make glass marker boards magnetic, they need additional backing.

Flexible proprietary surfaces, which are also laminated over substrates, are available.

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Used in schools in Singapore

Whiteboard Magnets Are Typically Placed over the Front of Pre – k Classroom settings whiteboard magnets In the front of K-8 classrooms, magnetic whiteboard Singapore are often used. Teachers can do more than write on these boards using dry erase markers. Charts & documents can be put on the whiteboard surface with non-scratching magnets or clips, and magnetic characters can be employed.

With dry erase whiteboards featuring magnetic surfaces, die-cut symbols such as arrows, circles, squares, stars, lines, hearts, and letters can be used to improve presentations.

Make sure any magnets you choose have smooth surfaces to avoid scratching the whiteboard surface; a flaw can allow marker color to permeate the surface, which can be challenging to erase.

Some schools use a non-magnetic whiteboard at the side or back of classrooms when the board is only used for reminders, homework assignments, or other written notes. Kids can also use whiteboards that span the entire room to collaborate on courses.

In high school classrooms, non-magnetic whiteboards are much more common.

Non-magnetic whiteboards are much more frequent in high schools, primarily used for handwriting or projecting surfaces.


The Sum Up

Manufacturers produce and offer a variety of framed and unframed magnetic whiteboards and resurfacing panels. Penmanship lines, music sticks, grid lines, polar coordinates, and rectangular coordinates are all available on magnetic whiteboards with visuals widely used in classrooms imprinted underneath the surface.

A magnetic surface can be added to combination boards, parts whiteboard, plus part corkboard. Custom-printed & custom-sized whiteboards featuring magnetic surfaces are also available. To know more, you may look over the web.