How to Get More Targeted Instagram Followers

Instagram views

Instagram, a popular social media app that allows users to post and view pictures online, can become complicated when building your niche following. A good solution is to spam accounts with your content, so they follow you back. People can even “buy” instagram likes on some websites. If you’re looking for a more organic way to grow your account or tips, this blog is for you!


The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure the account is set up correctly (ex: the profile picture should be high-quality and cover most of the screen). Next, take high-quality photographs and upload them into the app every day. Follow other accounts that may be interested in your niche and like/comment on their pictures. Interacting with other users will help them realize you’re a real account, and they’ll also check out your photos. Another thing to do is post hypebeast content. By posting CFs, hyped shoes/clothing, and brand logos, people are more likely to follow your account because they relate to the published content.


Secondly, people follow you based on the content that is posted. Content can range from high-quality photos of a shoe to a picture of the shoe in use to even stock photos of the shoe. It all depends on what you’re looking for and your niche!


The third thing to grow your account is posting about items that will help build hype for your account (ex: buying followers). You can also post about contests and hold giveaways with other accounts. Reaching out to accounts that have more significant followings than yours can help gain exposure as well as new followers due to the fact they have more people looking at their pictures and videos.


To add more associations to your account, follow accounts that have similar shoes/clothing to yours. For example, if you like the brand Supreme, follow accounts with supreme in their bio. This is a way to connect with people interested in the culture and lifestyle of hypebeasts which can further create a following for you!


To gain more interactions, it’s essential to interact with other users by liking and commenting on their pictures. It’s also intelligent to like/comment on images related to your niche or those with a lot of comments/likes (this will help get your content seen as well).


Make sure to follow other accounts that are in similar niches and reach out to them. This can help you build a relationship with them, so they might follow you back as well. You can buy instagram likes from online sellers. 


After you’ve created many followers on your Instagram, people may need to pay more attention to your content because there is too much of it. To tackle this, post fewer pictures and less content about the same thing. This can help you reach the followers that don’t want to be bombarded with an abundance of images about your niche, so when they see you posting something new/unique, they’ll stick around and view what you have to say!


In conclusion, the way to gain followers is to post high-quality pictures and videos that people can relate to. After this, it’s essential to interact with others (in a positive way), form relationships, and post hypebeast content!