Addicted to Audio: For your Addiction to Music

Addicted to Audio: For your Addiction to Music

Everybody loves listening to their favourite song after a long, tiring day. Who doesn’t love to put on their earphones or headsets and listen to their favourite song while ignoring all the worries in the world? Having amplifiers in our headphones is a cherry on the cake. Well, guess what. Addicted to audio brings you the best audio equipment so that you can enjoy seamless music without any hassle. It is a retail audio equipment store that sells headphones, microphones, converters, transmitters, audio players, Bluetooth speakers, headphone amplifiers, wireless speakers, and various brands’ other audio equipment.

More about Addicted to audio:

It is an Authorized reseller of audio equipment of all the HiFi brands that offer minimum warranty to all its products. It is a secure and trusted website with thousands of positive customer reviews. A few popular brand products they resell include Astell and kern, Audeze, Naim, Campfire Audio, Fiio, Grado, if, etc. These are some of the very famous and high-class brands from New Zealand. The website is very honest to the customers about the products they sell. Their products give a passionate spark of music to the users.

Features of the company

The company is diverse and customer-oriented. A passionate spark and love unite the people working there for the music. They have a well-organized and expert staff who are audio-visual enthusiasts who take pride in their work. The staff is dedicated to the art of teaching.People living in New Zealand are very lucky to access free delivery on any purchase. For these reasons, they are addicted to audio.

In the present situation, we start listening to the audio, whether it be motivational audio or any album audio. We feel fresh when we listen to audio, which means our life depends on most of the audio cases We often travel to places with family or friends for picnics and usually carry an audio device so that audio can connect us or simple words we can get close to each other. If we are having a bad day, we usually sit in a car listen to the playlist we usually listen to. As the audio generation is changed from melodies songs too much high beats songs.

Nowadays people are much more care that they buy a television but think they need a proper sound system. Before in olden days, in the morning people when used to walk or jog they used to talk to each other and share their day preview, whereas people recommend listeningto music as most of the people think audio boost their mind, make them alert, try them to be active and man more benefits. The audio plays a major role in human life in terms of fun, sorrow, joy, etc.

People are going crazy with music festivals

People are going crazy with music festivals

The number of people going to music festivals every year is enormous. Music festivals can give a very unique chance and bring so many people together.  This is for them to enjoy and experience more than just the music. Other people make so much preparation when going to music festivals. Others would camp two to three days before the day of the event. This is to get a better spot since some music festivals last for more than just a day. If you are curious about why people are doing this just for a music festival. Below are some reasons.

Disconnecting from the day to day life

If you are going to music festivals for the first time. The difference between the vibe inside the festival and the outside world is so much different. A professor from one of the largest Universities in Queensland did a survey in one of the biggest wine festival in Australia. This is to people going into music festivals on how they feel and how the festival has affected them. People would often say that the experience provides a sense of separation and disconnection from everyday life.

biggest wine festival in Australia

The Community

The type of community music festivals give may vary from the type of music the festival caters to. People of most types connect if there’s something in common that they like. These factors are the most common things that may create a sense of community within the music festival.

Different types of culture

The most common thing you will see in music festivals are people having a good time, dancing or singing along with their favorite artists. Also meeting people that they usually would not meet in their day to day life. Studies also conclude that the impact of music festivals and the music in them creates a new culture when there was none before.

Watching live music

What else can be a more valid reason to go to a music festival than to watch live music. This is one rare opportunity for everyone to see their favorite artist perform. Also, other festivals will allow people to meet these artists in person. Get to know them and hang with them for a while. This can give such great ease mentally and emotionally.

Chance in meeting new people

Expect that when going to music festivals that there will be people from different aspects of the world. This is a great chance to meet new people from different cultures. This is a very rare opportunity that you see so many people of different races enjoying at the same time.

Go out there and have fun

At the end of the day. Going to these music festivals will bring you so much joy. Once in a lifetime experience. Always go out there and enjoy. Stay hydrated and have your personal belongings secured. It is a wonderful experience to go to these festivals. And for a moment gives you the chance to disconnect yourself into reality.

Why Music Is Important for A Content Creator?

Why Music Is Important for A Content Creator

Everyone wants to be recognized as a unique individual in today’s world. To do so, they want to embrace others with their uniqueness, particularly on social media. Whatever the platform, every individual and group of people who want to broadcast their uniqueness in front of others should use it. Basically, everyone wishes to increase the number of viewers or subscribers to their social media content.

Music now plays an important role in creating social media content. If a person uses exclusive and stylish music, the content will undoubtedly attract more people. So, most people prefer HookSounds because it has a variety of exclusive collections that entice everyone to choose it. You can use and enjoy the rhythm whenever you want.

To increase the number of viewers on their social media accounts, everyone likes to include music in their content creation. Additional television and radio programs are becoming popular because of this add-on music. Those who own a channel can select royalty-free music, as they do not want to get a copyright for every piece of content created while using this sound music.

Which Type of License and Subscription Should You Choose?

People used to pay once for music and then use it multiple times. So, here are some guidelines for licensing and subscriptions.


  • A single-user license allows users to use a specific piece of music only once. As a result, they can only pay once for access and cannot use it more than once.
  • If you select Multiple single-user licenses, you can access a specific piece of music for multiple pieces of content.


Subscriptions also provide additional benefits because you can pledge for a month or a year. You can download and use it as many times as you want during the subscription period. As a result, you must pay every month. They classified it into two types: business and professional (PRO).

  • PRO is appropriate for those who own and profit from a YouTube channel. For a yearly subscription, it guarantees unlimited downloads. You can download ten times for a monthly subscription and it also allows for monetization.
  • If you run a business or own a company, a business subscription is a good option. It has a variety of usage offers from which you can select based on your needs and preferences.

Online content creators desire music that is popular and distinctive. As a result, it satisfies them with a wide range of playlists. It contains many high-quality music tracks. It provides original music to make the dream a reality. Anyone can benefit from this to grow their business as well.

HookSounds diverse range of new and stylish collections stands out in the modern world. It simplifies and distinguishes each task for content creators. Because of these distinguishing characteristics, it has gained popularity among people all over the world.

Factors To Check With Your Music Band Before The Event

Factors To Check With Your Music Band Before The Event

Music is always an integral part of all events. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, a bachelor party, a joint event, or a coherent meeting without live music, everything seems dull. For a small event, many people prefer to hire a DJ or someone they know who knows how to play an instrument to ensure the fun of the guests. However, the experience of venues looking for live bands is often unmatched. If you are also planning an event and are thinking of hiring a live band, it is time to know the first five things to check with your crew before the event.

Information about previous concerts

Ask about venues or customers who have performed for them at some notable previous concerts. It’s always a good idea to dig deeper when hiring someone to ensure the long-awaited event is a success. Even if you find them watching online videos with their shows posted on their website or social networks, you know previous concerts or clients and contact them for further questions about their profession and experience.

The number of singers or instruments they have

Instead of guessing from the videos of their previous concerts, it is better to ask how many singers or instruments they have immediately. For a small event, a two-stage vocal duo is perfect. You need to know how many singers or musicians will sing if you choose an entire ensemble. This will help you understand if you need a vocal duo, a three-piece ensemble, or a complete band performer.

venues looking for live bands

Do you accept special song requests?

You may like certain songs that you want to include in the playlist. If the event is a wedding or a birthday, the bride or birthday boy can have an emotional attachment to a particular song. Therefore, never fail to ask whether or not they are ready to fulfill any special song request for the event. Some bands are prepared to learn one free wedding song. However, if their vocal range does not sound right for the song, they may refuse to fulfill the song’s request.

How much space will they need?

It would help if you had a specific idea about the space they need to make a pleasant live performance. While some bands prefer to play standing in one place, others move a lot while playing or playing an instrument. Ask what spatial dimensions they need, and then try to see if you can offer the same thing or not. Some teams also require a locker room.

The number of hours they will perform.

The duration of the band’s show is significant. Most live bands choose a 3-hour show that can be distributed over a 4 x 45-minute format. Breaks are also present where it is not possible to play continuously without getting tired.

You can also ask about general liability insurance or their ability to perform on the beach without electrical outlets. Ask the maximum number of questions so you can hire the best live band for your event.

Best Indian Web Series For Telugu People

Are you someone who is looking for new HD movies online? Then download the Telugu OTT platform AHA to watch the latest films, Telugu web series and popular talk show at your convenience. There are many web series that you will find on this platform, and you will find a variety of genre of web series. If you’re looking for some light-hearted romantic web series, then you should watch GeethaSubramanyam.

This web series premiered on 8 February 2020 on AHA. This web series’ theme is the ‘Tom and Jerry relationship’ of a live-in couple Geetha and Subramanyam. SivasaiVardhan J. and Srinivas Bathini have directed this web series. The leading actors for the web series are Karthik, who played the role of Subramaniam and Nakshatra, who played the role of Geetha. Many other supporting actors in the web series, like Deek Sunny, Sunny Viva, DarshiniSekhar, BinduPadmagiri, Jeevan Kumar, Jaya Sri, and Eswari.

This web series is centred on the female protagonist Geetha aspiring to become a civil servant and works as a part-time radio jockey. She is an outgoing fun-loving and lively young adult. In the web series, she is in a live-in relationship with Subramanyam, who works in the IT sector and wants to travel abroad for work. They live together, and although they are very much in love, they always fight over trivial matters. As the web series commences, their bond and love for each other grow, and they tend to fight on more serious matters. You should watch this web series if you are looking for new HD movies online or a new web series.

In the first episode, the viewers know the couple and the other characters involved with the couple directly. The viewers are also introduced to the web series about a couple that fights on every small matter every day. In the second episode, the viewers come to know about the daily activities of Geetha and Subramanyam. Their schedules are quite hectic, and both of them tend to work very hard. They try to avoid delays, face challenges head-on, complete work and come back to each other.

In the third episode, the viewers come across Subramaniam and Geetha having a big fight over a small incident. Geetha is a headstrong girl, and Subramanyam is also quite headstrong when it comes to fights with Geetha. Even though he is a mature man in his professional world, she almost becomes like a child in front of Geetha. It is the same with Geetha because she wants to be pampered, although she is an independent woman in her professional life. The last episode is the most happening because both Geetha and Subramanyam understand that they have a very beautiful and healthy relationship. This happens when they accidentally meet with their respective exes at the same time in the same restaurant.

It will be easier for Telugu new movies watch online if you download the best Telugu OTT platform AHA. Here you will find the world-class Telugu movies web series and talk shows posted by popular celebrities.

Tips to know how to choose best IPTV provider in 2021

There are numerous standards, which function as a starting point and as a principle for which the world wide web or IPTV to pick. To begin with we certainly begin with the cost and the particular offer. So we’re considering that connection, price-quality. Just what is provided and for what cash? Only later do we approach the choice in a bit more detail and ask about each of these other particulars.

Information and research is significantly more than half of the occupation, it is practically the entire job. Following that, decide which package to choose and then the owner could be a less demanding job since you’ll have all the info, which will validate whether that owner fulfills your needs or not.

Must check- Best IPTV services

Identifying the perfect supplier might not be that hard. We’ve got a manual for you, read the processes below which may make your job simpler.

Ideas to select:


The rate of the deal is given in worth and reaches a specific limit. Pay attention to the as a great deal of complaints are concentrated on this.

Limited and boundless tariffs

Restricted prices provide payment in megabytes or on the flip side monthly payment. This is dependent upon what you require.


Find support contact info on the supplier’s website. Check whether you’re able to write them a letter if it’s possible to talk with them whenever they could advise you on the selection of tariffs. Also, listen to if you’re comfortable speaking to them and if they could solve possible issues.

Our guidance would be to examine the service in detail by studying both reviews and forums, focusing on the way the suppliers have solved the issue with the consumers and how satisfied the customers are.


This is only one of the main matters when it comes to picking an IPTV provider. There are two varieties of facets in regards to location.

One describes the user’s present living area and if the consumer intends to move elsewhere. You can have particular services only in specific areas of the Earth, and that means you ought to pay particular attention to this. This is important whether you take the potential for moving as we mentioned previously.

Be aware that not all suppliers operate for this, several have worldwide access approaches. This usually means that their providers are readily available to a large geographical location. If you’re among those whose occupation requires continuous travel then you have to look at this product.

Apparatus compatibility

It’s essential to decide on a supplier in line with the amount of devices you use . Some suppliers provide simultaneous screening of content on various devices, but others have just one device in your mind. This is particularly important when you’ve got a family and your members wish to get your articles.

It’s all up to you if you would like to restrict your choices or elect for one more choice.


Every one of us likes to observe unique items, so people want to love sports, TV shows, films, etc.. Pick in accordance with your tastes, since some suppliers from the market have the choice of combining your favourite stations.

On the flip side, simply check the station list and you’ll see whether it completely meets your criteria.

Research user ratings and supplier reputation

Just like with any other solution, therefore with IPTV — it is very important that the supplier has a fantastic reputation. These days, it’s simpler than ever to look at distinct adventures and evaluations of consumers and so earn a determination. You will find an increasing number of suppliers, or so the decision is tough and it is ideal to decide on those which have the maximum favorable user reviews. Look closely at matters like picture quality, reliability, number of stations, etc.. All this impacts the general standing.

Content caliber and buffering

The most crucial issue is to get as far as possible for the money. So listen to the image and audio quality. Is there a subtitle? Might it be possible to change languages? You have to understand all this until you pick. The best way to look at that is to take trial intervals. Virtually all providers provide it as they are aware that it’s 1 way to convince one of their particular quality.

If a person doesn’t supply this alternative, it raises suspicions. Additionally, check download rate and loading period. There’s nothing more frustrating than when you need to wait quite a while for the content that you need to watch. Always learn whether the bandwidth that is recommended is fitting your web connection prior to subscribing, differently, you’ll have lots of streaming problems.

The cost

Although all of the prior parameters are extremely important, the cost is not any less significant, because quite often your budget is likely to make the choice for you. The subscription cost is essential when picking your IPTV supplier.

Each of these offers different bundles, including various advantages, but also distinct rates. The more costly it is, the more stations, characteristics and everything else it’s. Additionally, sometimes they provide the choice to write the cost yourself by selecting the options you’ll need and consequently form the purchase price.

It’s important to find out more about the marketplace in detail and so choose which price-service ratio you want. It’s not a remedy to simply opt for the least expensive ones, since this will sacrifice picture quality and several different capabilities. Also comply with the special promotions that typically occur around the huge vacations, because then it’s possible to find the maximum in the lowest prices.


Just follow our ideas and you’ll earn a fantastic selection and appreciate you IPTV support for quite a while.

Lifespan Kids: Indoor and Outdoor Kids Toys

Lifespan Kids Indoor and Outdoor Kids Toys

Kids need to have physical activity and play around. In order for them to develop on a positive note, they need to have a lot of activities. These activities can help them grow and nurture their mental development and cognitive thinking as well. Moreover, being able to play can help them become stronger and tougher as they grow older. That is why it is encouraged that parents let their kids have adventures on their own. All while constantly checking up on them as well.

Kids acquire new skills and learning in playing. Kids can also learn by studying and being able to memorize numbers and alphabets. Kids can also learn and acquire new-found talents when they are playing. At this stage, their cognitive ability to absorb information is very prominent. Being able to play outside your house may unlock skills such as playing sports, learning to ride a new bike and so much more. One of the most famous and renowned online websites that sells kids outdoor play equipment is the Lifespan Kids. Here, you will find different outdoor and indoor equipment that your kid can play with.

kids outdoor play equipment

Kids become wiser and more intelligent when they play. As you can see, part of playing is understanding and thinking rationally the things that you need to do. Just like when you go on a slide, kids always understand that it is not okay to get hurt so they always put effort into being careful. In their own litter way, they tend to think critically.

Playing enhances a kid’s creativity. It is closely related to differing thoughts. All of which examines multiple different solutions and usually creates new concepts. Many experiments have shown that play is strongly correlated with differing thought. Other studies have also linked playtime. In particular to so-called play, with a substantial change in divergent thought. That is why kids get pretty good when it comes to playing pretend because they show real and actual emotions.


Emotional stability is practiced. Since playing also involves emotional sensitivity. Kids can learn that they are hurting, happy, angry and more. It exercises their mental capacity to deal with this stuff and understand even better. With this, it can contribute meaningfully when they turn into adults in the near future. Learning how to control their emotions and likes.

It aims to develop their senses. All while playing with friends, it becomes prominent for them to hear a little better. With this, they are able to speak more and communicate to people how they are feeling more so with what they want. That is why, with Lifespan Kids and their available non-hazardous outdoor and indoor toys. You can play with your kids safely.

Games that will Drive You into Real Fun and Excitement


Games are one of the things that make us crazy in the online world. For the millennials born in the existence of our modern and advanced technology, games were surely considered one of their favorite go-to activities online. Surely, many young generations will agree on this. This is the reality, and even our elders and adults will admit that they are also hooked on the games that can be found today on the net. As a matter of fact, because of the great demand in the online market for these games, there are many developers who are competing with each other to be on the top of the line when it comes to being the best game developer.

As you search for online games on the net today, you will get a wide variety of games. Surely, you will get confused about what are the must-try games and the most exciting one. But because of the wide range of choices, you will get excited to try the top games tagged in the online world. Once you try one game, you will start trying different games. Surely, one of these games that you have tried will capture your heart and interest. Then, it will be your go-to online game. Many people can relate to this scenario, wherein they started out from curiosity until they get addicted to their favorite games. We cannot blame them because these online games are really fun to play.


As a matter of fact, there is an online game that easily catches the hearts and eyes of many people online. It is the set of quizz, which offers various topics that the players will need to answer. It is not a mind game; instead, it is an exciting and fun game. This quiz game is not just a normal question and answer game. This kind of game will assess you based on your answers to its series of questions. At the end of the questions, an answer will be given to you based on the assessment to answer the quiz game question. Many people are really hooked on this because of its most accurate assessment.

If you have not yet tried playing this game, you miss out on something great in the online world. Don’t worry because you can easily find the different exciting quiz game online as you search for it. Once you have searched for it, numerous choices of quiz games will pop up. Some of the examples of quizzes that will surely catch your attention and interest are:

  • What strange character are you?
  • What love language do you speak?
  • MCU trivia quiz
  • What is my spirit animal?
  • What animal suits you the most?

These are just some of the fun quizzes that will surely make you excited to answer and play. Once you have clicked a category, you will need to answer a series of questions. At the end of the questions, the result will appear to serve as the answer to the category quiz. If you want your experience playing this game to become more fun, invite your family and friends now.

Top 3 Mani Ratnam Movie to watch once in life

Mani Ratnam movies are famous not only in the Telugu industry but also in entire Indian states. There are huge fans following for Mani Ratnam movies everywhere from the globe. His films are unique and entirely different from other directors’ movies in all aspects. He has directed many films starring many superstars from the south and north India. His one-line dialogue is very famous among the audience. His best films are ever lingering in the minds of the people. There are lots of Telugu movies of Mani Ratnam either dubbed or direct films are available with the words to click here. Watch his films by clicking here (click the link).

The notable films of Mani Ratnam are entertaining genre action-oriented mixed with romance. His gives a strong base to love story with some messages. His movies are well received among Telugu audience, and hence he is working still after many years of service in the industry. He gives importance to songs whenever he produces or direct films in any language. A. R. Rahman, Oscar-winning awardee, has first scored music in his movie, and it is due to the efforts of Mani Ratnam. He is well known for carrying national messages in his films like unity among Hindus and Muslims in film Bombay. He has received several comments and critiques, usually for his films. When we say the top 3 Mani Ratnam films, many people remember his movies as per their interest and knowledge. He has produced many films in his career, and the best are given national awards.

He has been serving the Indian film industry for more than three decades. His experience is his milestone, which he acquired through patience and learning. His wife, Suhashini, belongs to the family of the biggest stars of Indian film Industry Mr. Kamal Hassan. Mani Ratnam films have both severe and light characters, and usually, the photography speaks about him. He shows so much interest in photography, which is evident in his films if watched. He was born in Tamil Nadu and had acquired business knowledge in foreign countries. His love for cinema is immeasurable and seamless.

Dalapathi is one of the significant hits of Mani Ratnam film in Telugu. The film features Rajnikanth, Mamooty, Shobana, and Bhanupriya. This film story is based on epic Mahabharata, in which friendship is a highlight of the story. Ilayaraja scored the music, and the songs were super hit at that time. The film ran for a hundred days and won the audience appreciation.

Nayakudu is another major blockbuster film featured by Kamal Hassan and Saranya. This film story is based on a gangster who delivers excellent service to poor people. The film has been recognized very well and considered the best film in the top hundred Indian movies. Ilayaraja scored the music and was a super-duper hit.

Garshana is another super hit film of Maniratnam. The major actors of the film are Karthik, Prabhu, Amala, and Nirosha. The film story revolves around two stepbrothers born to single father but different mothers. Ilayaraja scored the music, and the songs were highly laudable even today.

 You can stream all types of Telugu Genres at aha Movies.

How to Determine the Best Recording Studio

How to Determine the Best Recording Studio

You may not know this, but choosing the right recording studio may be one of the most important decisions you must make at the beginning of your career. It may even change the difference between your success and failure shortly, so you better learn how to do it right. Are you ready to learn some tips and tricks that will help you make a more informed decision when choosing a recording studio? If so, here are some things you should know.

A few tips and tricks worth finding a suitable recording studio

  • Make a list. Make a list of recording studios near your location. You will not want to choose one that is several hundred kilometers away, as long driving can negatively affect your productivity and will only increase the total cost of production.
  • Request a demo disc. Order some demos and carefully examine how the final product sounds. Do you like what you hear? You must do this. If not, it’s best to find another study that suits your needs.
  • Go to a recording studio with a more experienced engineer. Needless to say, the more experienced a research engineer, the more likely it is to find an exceptional product.
  • Check the suitability of the physical installation. Is it big enough to accommodate you and your music group? Can you move comfortably while studying? Is it affected by external noise? Do you offer the necessary amenities? Be sure to think about this before signing any document.

melbourne recording studios

  • Consider the quality and quantity of recording equipment. Does the studio have all the necessary equipment? Do you have a battery in case you need one? Do you have a choice of high-quality microphones, high-quality microphone preamps, high-quality output equipment and various sets of monitors? Make sure it is!
  • Pay particular attention to the availability of training programs. Does the studio you choose to fit your project? Since recording your album may require a lot of work, you need to make sure that the studio you have chosen has enough time to devote yourself to completing your project.
  • Consider your budget. Although you should consider your budget, especially if you are financing your records, attending studios offering the lowest hourly rates may not be the best for you. Keep in mind that the lowest value does not necessarily match the good value. There is a huge difference between the two.


Finding the perfect melbourne recording studios that can provide what you need at the price you can afford can be a difficult task, but the results are worth it. So, are you ready to do your homework to make sure you’re doing it right? You should definitely!