All You Need to Know About Laced Weed When Buying Medical Marijuana

Buying Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is growing in popularity throughout the country. But, with the legalization of this drug, many complications have also propped up. Laced marijuana is a big scare for users of weed, especially for medical purposes.

The authorities have seized Fentanyl-laced marijuana in some states while Texas, Florida, and Arizona report increased usage of Fry. It is a marijuana-laced cigarette made with embalming fluids, PCP, or codeine-based cough syrups.

Though it looks like regular marijuana, the product can be infested with psychoactive drugs, heavy metals, glass, bacteria, or embalming fluids. The effects of laced drugs can be fatal after an overdose. With caution, you can avoid falling into the trap of buying such products.

With the increasing danger of laced weed, it is vital to find a medical marijuana dispensary that’s licensed to sell legal forms of this compound. Here’s what you need to know.

Dangers of Marijuana Laced with Impurities

Marijuana can be laced with impurities due to the low quality of cultivation processes as well. It may have traces of pesticides, fungi, and heavy metals. When cannabis is cultivated in polluted soil, it has higher amounts of metals like lead, arsenic, chromium, mercury, and nickel.

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These metals cause a risk of poisoning with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and confusion. With long-term exposure, you may experience the effects of fatigue, headaches, joint pains, and weakness.

Dangers of Marijuana Laced with Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a dangerous form of synthetic opioid. Though it has a similar composition as morphine, the potency is up to 100 times more in fentanyl. Any ingestion or extended exposure to this drug has a higher risk of fatal overdoses. It can result in a slow heartbeat, drowsiness, seizures, or heart failure in extreme cases.

In some isolated events, marijuana strains laced with this opioid have been found. Though the laws are strict about selling such strains, they are mostly available on the streets. Hence, it will help if you always look to find a medical marijuana dispensary that’s licensed and trusted to sell only the legalized versions of weed.

How to Identify Laced Marijuana

When you buy marijuana for medical purposes, not every dealer will be outright and honest with you. Hence, you may not know if the product is laced with harmful drugs or compounds. Also, if you source weed from your friends, it’s hard to see if it is safe or not. The best way is to identify laced marijuana by:

  • Look at the strain to see if it has any blue or white crystals. It indicates that some drug is there in the marijuana.
  • Smell the weed to see if it has the odor of fresh plants or grass. If it smells like chemicals or gasoline, it may be laced.
  • Test the drug using a testing kit available in the market.

Though you have these options to identify laced marijuana, it is not always easy to catch the impurities unless you are an expert. So, the best way out is to find a dispensary that deals only in legal forms of marijuana with a guarantee for purity and potency.