Binary Options Trading: The Effective Pocket Option Strategy


A new reliable and confident trading strategy that creates 90% fool-proof signals for effective binary trading options is possible in Pocket Option. Learn novel strategies that go against the renowned principle of less is more. If you are an interested trader and want to know how to handle various indicators, you may figure it out at

Pocket Option gives up to 90% of reliable signals, which experts call a reliable strategy. The advantage of the strategy employs several popular tools and instruments that are offered by the trading platform. The strategy may look complex but beginners can try it to see how it works. Begin to trade to make a stable profit and follow the rules.

Set up a trading chart

You must set up a trading chart to use the strategy and read the signals. You may start with the chart:

  • Use volatile currency pairs
  • Japanese candlesticks
  • Timeframe M1

You have to activate the two indicators:

  1. MA
  2. And MACD

Set the moving averages five times and specify your period for every MA. You may begin with placing 4 MAs with periods. All the lines must have the same color. Set for another MA with a period of 50, different colors this time. With the default parameters, activate the MACD oscillator. Use it for confirmation.

On the chart, you will see five moving averages. The last bright-line gives a clear signal to buy a contract once it starts crossing the senior MA.

Trade with the reliable strategy

Figure out how the most reliable trading system will work? It is not rocket science. To buy contracts, the following conditions should be met:

  • Call after MA 10-30 and cross MA 50, from, bottom to top. Both MACD signal lines go to the positive territory.
  • Put MAs with 10-40 periods and cross the MA 50, from top to bottom. MACD should fall in the negative area.

Tip: Join a trade only after the last signal MA will cross 50 MA. Both MACD lines must be in the corresponding area. Many have wondered what the point of utilizing 4 moving averages is for crossing.

A lot of traders argued that one is good or enough. First, you need to be careful and don’t create a false entry situation. Second, crossing the 50 MA by 10t MA in advance will allow preparation for the upcoming contract purchase.

In this case, the MACD will confirm the strength of the present trend.