Top 3 Mani Ratnam Movie to watch once in life

Mani Ratnam movies are famous not only in the Telugu industry but also in entire Indian states. There are huge fans following for Mani Ratnam movies everywhere from the globe. His films are unique and entirely different from other directors’ movies in all aspects. He has directed many films starring many superstars from the south and north India. His one-line dialogue is very famous among the audience. His best films are ever lingering in the minds of the people. There are lots of Telugu movies of Mani Ratnam either dubbed or direct films are available with the words to click here. Watch his films by clicking here (click the link).

The notable films of Mani Ratnam are entertaining genre action-oriented mixed with romance. His gives a strong base to love story with some messages. His movies are well received among Telugu audience, and hence he is working still after many years of service in the industry. He gives importance to songs whenever he produces or direct films in any language. A. R. Rahman, Oscar-winning awardee, has first scored music in his movie, and it is due to the efforts of Mani Ratnam. He is well known for carrying national messages in his films like unity among Hindus and Muslims in film Bombay. He has received several comments and critiques, usually for his films. When we say the top 3 Mani Ratnam films, many people remember his movies as per their interest and knowledge. He has produced many films in his career, and the best are given national awards.

He has been serving the Indian film industry for more than three decades. His experience is his milestone, which he acquired through patience and learning. His wife, Suhashini, belongs to the family of the biggest stars of Indian film Industry Mr. Kamal Hassan. Mani Ratnam films have both severe and light characters, and usually, the photography speaks about him. He shows so much interest in photography, which is evident in his films if watched. He was born in Tamil Nadu and had acquired business knowledge in foreign countries. His love for cinema is immeasurable and seamless.

Dalapathi is one of the significant hits of Mani Ratnam film in Telugu. The film features Rajnikanth, Mamooty, Shobana, and Bhanupriya. This film story is based on epic Mahabharata, in which friendship is a highlight of the story. Ilayaraja scored the music, and the songs were super hit at that time. The film ran for a hundred days and won the audience appreciation.

Nayakudu is another major blockbuster film featured by Kamal Hassan and Saranya. This film story is based on a gangster who delivers excellent service to poor people. The film has been recognized very well and considered the best film in the top hundred Indian movies. Ilayaraja scored the music and was a super-duper hit.

Garshana is another super hit film of Maniratnam. The major actors of the film are Karthik, Prabhu, Amala, and Nirosha. The film story revolves around two stepbrothers born to single father but different mothers. Ilayaraja scored the music, and the songs were highly laudable even today.

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