A Guide To Differentiate Fake vs. Real Bird’s Nest

A Guide To Differentiate Fake vs. Real Bird’s Nest

Bird’s nest is packed with amazing benefits that can greatly support pregnant mothers and their unborn child. It can help not only the mother, but also aid in the healthy development of the baby. That is why bird nest pregnancy products are all over the internet these days.

Due to the high demand of bird’s nests for pregnant women from all around the world, it cannot be avoided that there are fake ones for sale out there. And if you are buying one for yourself or as a gift to a pregnant friend, then you should know how to differentiate real from fake ones.

Check For Appearance

Real bird’s nests are individually harvested from their natural habitat or from man-made farms. You will know that it’s real if you observe its appearance. Real birds’ nests are off-white in color. If it’s bright, reflective white then it must be fake. Also, most fake bird’s nests are mass-produced. This means that they often look identical to each other. The real ones though will have a unique distinction from the rest.

Smell And You Can Tell

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Raw and dry bird’s nests will have a faint smell. It has a distinctive smell and should not be like a strong seaweed odor. You have to be careful of that fishy smell though because some would spray their fake bird’s nest with seaweed scent to make it smell like the real thing. The fake ones will usually smell like plastic while others have no scent at all.

Do A Strength Test

When the real bird’s nests are harvested, they are handled with extra care because they can be very delicate to the touch. So if you receive the bird’s nest you ordered and have passed all the factors above, do this last test.  If you have trouble breaking a bird’s nest apart, then there’s a great chance that it’s fake. Throw it away and never consume it because you don’t know what’s in that fake bird’s nest. 

To Be Safe, Purchase From Trusted Stores.

To be sure, it is always best that you only buy from trusted sources. There are plenty of stores out there claiming that they sell authentic bird’s nest products. However, there’s no real way for you to tell if these claims are real or not. If you are looking for a store online, choose Yummi House. This is the best and most trusted bird’s nest shop on the internet.

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