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Are you someone who is looking for new HD movies online? Then download the Telugu OTT platform AHA to watch the latest films, Telugu web series and popular talk show at your convenience. There are many web series that you will find on this platform, and you will find a variety of genre of web series. If you’re looking for some light-hearted romantic web series, then you should watch GeethaSubramanyam.

This web series premiered on 8 February 2020 on AHA. This web series’ theme is the ‘Tom and Jerry relationship’ of a live-in couple Geetha and Subramanyam. SivasaiVardhan J. and Srinivas Bathini have directed this web series. The leading actors for the web series are Karthik, who played the role of Subramaniam and Nakshatra, who played the role of Geetha. Many other supporting actors in the web series, like Deek Sunny, Sunny Viva, DarshiniSekhar, BinduPadmagiri, Jeevan Kumar, Jaya Sri, and Eswari.

This web series is centred on the female protagonist Geetha aspiring to become a civil servant and works as a part-time radio jockey. She is an outgoing fun-loving and lively young adult. In the web series, she is in a live-in relationship with Subramanyam, who works in the IT sector and wants to travel abroad for work. They live together, and although they are very much in love, they always fight over trivial matters. As the web series commences, their bond and love for each other grow, and they tend to fight on more serious matters. You should watch this web series if you are looking for new HD movies online or a new web series.

In the first episode, the viewers know the couple and the other characters involved with the couple directly. The viewers are also introduced to the web series about a couple that fights on every small matter every day. In the second episode, the viewers come to know about the daily activities of Geetha and Subramanyam. Their schedules are quite hectic, and both of them tend to work very hard. They try to avoid delays, face challenges head-on, complete work and come back to each other.

In the third episode, the viewers come across Subramaniam and Geetha having a big fight over a small incident. Geetha is a headstrong girl, and Subramanyam is also quite headstrong when it comes to fights with Geetha. Even though he is a mature man in his professional world, she almost becomes like a child in front of Geetha. It is the same with Geetha because she wants to be pampered, although she is an independent woman in her professional life. The last episode is the most happening because both Geetha and Subramanyam understand that they have a very beautiful and healthy relationship. This happens when they accidentally meet with their respective exes at the same time in the same restaurant.

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